Rome, Italy <3

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and just for reference, you definitely can NOT see it in a day either!

Hey it’s the Colosseum!

I’ve been fortunate enough to go to Rome three times in the last 3 years and each time I’ve seen something that I did not see the first time. Each stay was about 3-5 days, which is perfect for Rome, the longer the better!

Top Hits and Tips according to me!

  1.  Twilight Trastevere Food Tour by Eating Italy
  2.  Papal Audience (Wednesday)
  3.  Hit the Colosseum first thing in the Morning!
  4.  Hop on Hop off Bus Tour
  5.  Eat all the gelato, but make sure it is REAL Gelato!

I’ll break these down below!

The Twilight Trastevere Food Tour was something that my friend and I stumbled upon on my 3rd trip to Rome. We wanted to do something outside the normal “Vatican, Colosseum, Bus Tour” touristy stuff and a Food tour seemed to be just the thing! It’s a 4 Hour walking tour that includes pizza and pasta, Roman street food,  meats and cheeses, and amazing wine in a secret cellar – its history will blow you away. Do NOT eat before you go on this tour! You’ll want to be hungry as they are going to feed you SO MUCH food! All of which is Delicious! It’s not the cheapest tour you will find, but it was well worth the money!

You can book the tour here if you’d like!


The Papal Audience takes place on Wednesdays and surprisingly is FREE to attend! Do not pay to see this! I have seen travel sites offer tours to this event and asking you to pay around 20-40 Euro for a FREE event!! The one thing you DO need to do is reserve your tickets! You can do that here to make sure you are all set for your trip! This is one of those things that I feel like you just HAVE to do! How cool is it to be like “Yeah, I saw the Pope while I was in Rome.” Be warned, people go NUTS when the Pope comes out (but not in a Black Friday waiting for a Playstation kind of way).

So what is a Papal Audience? Also called the General Audience, this is when the Holy Father addresses the crowd, usually in different languages. It’s not a mass but the Pope gives a speech, followed by prayers, a homily, and some singing.

The Pope may bless babies that people hold up for him (if you want him to bless yours, you need to get close, which means getting there very early.)

At the end of the ceremony, the Pope will bless religious articles you have with you. If you have arrived in Rome with a rosary or bible or other object that you want blessed, bring it with you. Or, you can buy these objects in many places in Rome, especially around the Vatican, and certainly inside the Vatican gift shop.

The whole thing lasts around 1 – 1 1/2 hours.

So you want to see the Colosseum but hate the idea of waiting in a huge line? Then get there about 20 minutes prior to Opening! Seriously, on my 2nd trip to Rome, but husband and I decided that we wanted to see the Colosseum, but didn’t want to wait in the August heat for it. We walked from our hotel in the early hours of the morning, and got in the queue. We were maybe 5 people deep when the doors opened. What was the best part of being one of the first people in that day? My pictures are not Flooded with strangers!! It’s a weird thing to be excited about, I know… but how often to we imagine that perfect shot of the Attraction we are seeing, only to have all our photos flooded with other tourists? And lets be real, I am no good at photoshop. Another great option for a shorter wait time, is the Roma Pass! Roma Pass holders have a separate line that tends to be shorter than the general public’s. Plus you get a ton of other benefits from the Roma Pass. You can read about those here.


Hop on Hop off (HOHO) bus tours are a staple to almost any European city. You will find people “for” them or “against” them, but 90% of the time… I’m all for it! It’s a good way to get your bearings around the city, where everything is etc. You also get a tour packed full with some basic information. And the best part, you can sit on the 2nd story of a double decker bus. My first trip to Rome, we some how ended up with the Ciao Roma Bus tour. I DO NOT recommend this tour! I’m not sure why, but it just felt cheap… very cheap. I usually try to go with the CitySightseeing brand bus tours. I feel like they have a standard to uphold since they have buses in so many different cities. If you’re trying to get from point A to B, sometimes these buses are not the quickest way to do that. However, if you like to leisurely ride around on the bus and still hit the hot spots, they are perfect.

And lastly, GELATO! No trip to Italy is complete without this creamy dessert! I’m pretty sure that while on vacation in Italy, it is an unspoken rule that you must have Gelato at LEAST once daily (maybe twice). My favorite combo? Chocolate and Pistachio! But if you’re not sure which you like, try them all! You can ask to taste the flavors before you purchase! Try to stick to proper “real” Gelato! How can you tell the difference between “real” Gelato and the tourist trap stuff? Here are some helpful hints I found from!

1.  Evaluate the color:

Natural ingredients are NOT neon colored. Neither is real gelato. Look for soft, muted colors, especially in the Pistachio, Mint, and Banana flavors. Pistachio should be an earthy green, Mint should be white, and Banana should be whitish-grey. And if you see one that is BRIGHT blue names Facebook…. it’s probably a fake. (Yes, I’ve really seen that)


2.  Look at the shape:

If the gelato is arranged in huge mounds above the top of the metal tubs, then it is fake. The reason it can hold this shape is that it has a much higher percentage of air, made possible using chemical stabilizers. So if you want a richer, more flavorful experience, and don’t want to pay for air (which you can get anywhere else for free) then go for something less globular.

3.  Last and most obvious:

If you see stacks of cement-like bags behind the counter labeled with the names of different flavors like fragola, menta, and mandorla, than you are in the middle of a crime scene- the crime is known simply as “gelato fraud.”


I hope you have enjoyed this microscopic bit of my Rome travels and tips! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any specific questions about my trips!

Until next time! Ciao!



**Please note that I am NOT a Professional and all opinions are my own and I highly suggest everyone does a little research on their own before traveling to decide what attractions and itineraries work best for you and your travel buddies.

Marrakech, Morocco

So here I am, sitting at my computer, and ready to share with you lovely people what little knowledge I have on some of my Travel Adventures. Let me start with, I LOVE traveling. I know this comes as no surprise to you, but I say I have little knowledge mainly because, even the most seasoned of travelers have more to learn, and there is not “one way” to do anything. What I enjoy and what works for me, may not work for you. So please keep that in mind while reading any of my blog posts.

Moving on…

Back in June 2015, I had the pleasure of going on a Girls Trip to Morocco. This was a place I honestly had never really given much thought to prior to the couple of hours before I booked my ticket. Long story short, we found a great deal on Expedia, paid for it, and then invited all the girls we knew. Seems pretty random, and it was.

Initially it was my friend April’s idea as she found the bargain.  I was merely just along for the ride and down for a new city, new culture, and to really push myself out of my comfort zone. I knew absolutely NOTHING about Morocco, or Marrakech… the most I knew of Morocco was that Casablanca was there, and it was also the title of a Movie I had seen once.

As the trip grew near we had formed a group of 6 that were confirmed to take this adventure with us. Some of us were friends prior and some were friends of those friends, but we had a really great group. One thing we learned about traveling in a group this size, it was easy to break up into smaller groups, which comes in handy when some of you want to do one thing and the other half want to do something else.

We began planning and had an exciting itinerary ahead of us! Five days including a Cooking tour, Atlas Mountains and Camel Riding Tour, Horseback Riding, Shopping and Henna all from the comfort of our Riad (Riad Misria) in Old Medina. We chose to stay in this area as we wanted to have a somewhat authentic experience, and almost every travel blog we read recommended that area. Our Riad was near the Ben Youssef and around the corner from the Souks, which seemed like a prime spot to be. As our trip grew closer, we realized that we had booked during Ramadan (a Holy month in the Islamic faith). When telling other people that portion of our trip, it seemed to turn them off from the idea of going. To be honest though, it was really neat to be their during Ramadan, and it did not hinder our experience in any way.

I think from here on it’d be easiest if I broke the trip down Chronologically as that may make more sense (and keep me from rambling on).

Day 1

To start the trip off, we all met up at the airport. We live in different cities so this was the most reasonable way to start the trip. We were all so excited about the adventure to come and our 6:15am flight out of Stansted Airport. After the four hour flight, we had arrived! We made it through customs and began to wait for our ride to the Riad. We waited… and waited… and waited… finally we gave them a call wondering where they were or if we missed them. Seems that they weren’t there and were now on their way. I’m not sure if it was communication problems on our end, or if they were just late, and since it’s been like a year and a half the details are a little fuzzy, but they did indeed finally come! The 6 of us loaded into the minibus and were on our way from the airport into the city.

For those of you who have not been, leaving the airport everything is really modern. We passed buildings that seemed pretty normal, and the streets were fine. After a few turns, things began to change really quickly. Building are now much older, lost of red sand colored buildings, streets were narrow and filled with people and bicycles. Watching the crowd from the window of our minibus as we were passing them (very closely on these VERY narrow streets) was when I suddenly realized that this was going to be a very different experience than any of my other travel endeavors.

When the bus stopped, a representative from the Riad met us and instructed us to gather our bags and follow him in a straight line to the Riad, as the bus could not fit down the street where we would be staying. As we made our way through the streets and people, it was so obvious that we stuck out like sore thumbs. As someone who is always told to blend in as much as possible, it was slightly uncomfortable knowing that there was no way to truly blend in here. Our Riad was quaint and quirky. Much smaller than the pictures on Expedia made it seem, but in a nice way, it was not disappointing.

Upon arrival, we were given a tour and a quick briefing by Youssef about the area, the Riad, and our stay. He even took the time to walk us into the Souks after we had settled in, so we would know the way. Each room was different with it’s own charm, there was a small pool on the ground level, and places to sun bathe on the roof. I would highly recommend our Riad, as it was a pleasant place to be for the duration of our stay.

Ben Youssef from the Roof of our Riad
Ben Youssef from the Roof of our Riad

The first day we mainly got our bearings in the city, found our way around the souks and soaked it all in as much as we could. Our first trip into the square was a bit overwhelming. As an American, my personal “bubble” is pretty large compared to many European standards of personal space. But in Morocco, they do not care about personal space. As with all cities, I expected people to try and get you to purchase things from them. What I did not expect was for them to walk right up to you, grab your hand, and try to write on you with Henna, or for Children to be tapping you on the shoulder asking you to please purchase tissues from them. It’s definitely something I wish I had been more prepared for. I did of course stop for the picture with a monkey on my shoulder… I also did have to pay them for taking it after, lol. Aside from that, when you go, get the Orange Juice they are selling! It was AMAZING! Choose the booth that is the least aggressive, just because. 😉

That evening we found a roof top restaurant to eat at, and the went back to rest before our big day the next day.


Day 2

Today we had a cooking class planned! This was one of the things I was most excited for about our whole trip! Who doesn’t love food while traveling?

Our Tour was through “Cooking in Marrakech” but it doesn’t look like their website is still active. This was a highlight of the trip though! You go through the market with them to purchase the ingredients, then you cook a traditional Moroccan meal as a group, then eat it together. I highly recommend doing something like this any time you travel (even if it’s just a food tour). I believe this one was through Rouge Hostels (now looking online).

Cooking Class Spread
Cooking Class Spread


After this we had planned to go Horseback riding. I won’t elaborate too much on this experience as it didn’t end well (for me at least). But I wouldn’t recommend the company solely based on our experience. Lets say I walked away with a nice big Bruise on my backside… that is not internet safe to post, lol. That’s not the only reason I would not recommend them, the customer service wasn’t there, and it just wasn’t what we thought we were getting when we booked.

Time to Ride
Time to Ride

Day 3

Now nice and sore from day 2’s horseback adventure, we had a Atlas Mountain and Berber Village tour through Camel 4×4. This is the top rated company for tours in Marrakech if you go to TripAdvisor, which is why we chose them. If you are looking for an amazing tour while in Marrakech… this is it! I’ve included the description of the tour below, as it is exactly what we did and is better described by the company rather than myself. But everything about this tour was perfect!

We will visit the two valleys , the first is the Ourika valley. We will stop for a visit at the local Berber village market where the locals gather  for their weekly shopping if its a day for the Market.
the Market open on ( Sunday , Monday , Tuesday , Thursday and Friday )
On the way if you want to experience a camel ride in the countryside , we offer an optional 20 minutes ride .

Then we  visit the Argan oil cooperative. It is a locally produced  oil found only in Morocco, and hand made by women . It is very labour intensive and the produce is a rich oil with amazing properties for skin, and delicious taste for cooking.

Then we will go off road to the second valley ( Asni valley). We admire the scenic route and stop at any locations you feel is worth it, especially if you want to take photos.

Once at the Berber village we stop for tea in a traditional family house.

This is followed by a delicious lunch ( soup, salad, couscous or tagine Berber, fruits ). This is also a great opportunity to meet some local Berber people and kids from the villages and have the possibility to give them some sweets, or maybe even some old clothes you may don’t want anymore and that you could bring with you to Morocco. You can also bring school stationery like pencils or paint, as it is always needed.

After lunch we will arrive in the second valley: Asni valley and we will stop to admire Toubkal mountains (4165m Altitude)
There is the possibility to go for a walk.

We did opt in for the Camel Ride, well except me and my black and blue bottom. I did however sit on one long enough to grab a photo, then promptly hopped off. It may seem odd that they asked us to bring things for the school kids, but it was actually really neat. So if you do this tour, try to find room in your luggage to bring some goodies. Seeing the kids faces light up is rewarding, and everyone can use a little more kindness in their lives.

img_3940 img_3943 img_3934 img_3909 img_3952 img_3960

View from Berber Village Home

Day 4

This was the final full day of our tour. We broke up as a group, some people road four wheelers, others visited the Majorelle Garden, and we decided to get Spa treatments and go to the Hammam. We went to the Medina Spa Marrakech and got what was called the Supreme Beauty Package. This included the Hammam experience as well as a massage and a facial. I wouldn’t suggest this Hammam if you are shy or modest, as it goes right out the window once you arrive. Still I left their feeling much fresher than when I arrived, and I would still recommend the experience to people. After this we met all the other girls for Henna at the Henna Cafe! On the way there we were heckled a bit and told to get the “F” out of their country. They also called us Rich… which if they saw my bank account they may think otherwise, lol. None of it really felt threatening so I wouldn’t let that scare you. It more so just added a “interesting” story to the experience. That evening we went into the square again, as they were having their evening Ramadan celebrations. Since the sun was down, the fasting had ended for the day and they had a huge feast. Dinner was good, and it was nice seeing all the celebrations with the locals!

img_3974 img_3971

We left early the next morning, bags full of pottery & souvenirs and hoping Ryan Air wasn’t going to try and weigh our heavy luggage that we were trying so hard to make look light. Though I enjoyed my Moroccan experience, I was so glad to be back in England, to the comfort of my own bed…and to display all my new pottery!


Amsterdam and other Holland bits <3

Spring is here! Has been for a while now, but since we are having more Sunny and Nice days, it really feels like Spring! This time of year is SUPER popular for Amsterdam tourists! Why? Keukenhof! So I felt it only appropriate to post my Amsterdam blog.

Keukenhof is for anyone who loves flowers, specifically Tulips! It is literally rows and rows of Flowers, mostly Tulips but also Orchids etc. The season for these flowers is only April/May time frame, and because of that, Keukenhof Gardens are only open from late March to mid May.

Eli and I went April 2016, it was the very end of April so it was smack in the middle of their season. We flew Ryan Air in to Eindhoven and rented a car for the few days we were there. If I had to do it all over again, I’d prefer to fly into Amsterdam Schiphol, and a car would not have been necessary.

Leaving the airport to head toward Delft, I realized we were going to pass the UNESCO World Heritage Windmills – Kinderdijk (click here for more information on the Windmills). So we stopped along the road so I could snap a few pictures.

Then onward to Delft we went for Lunch and to wander. Delft is best known for its blue and white hand painted pottery (Delftware). We didn’t purchase any while we were there, but I did get a “Delftware” Christmas bobble as my souvenir. The picture below show you what the Delfware looks like. We only spent about an hour or two in Delft before we made our way into Amsterdam.

Delft Pottery in the Keukenhof Gardens

We stayed at a hotel next to the Airport (mainly due to my late booking of our trip), it was surprisingly more convenient than we had thought it would be. The first night, we tried to drive into town to eat dinner, ended up paying a good chunk of change for parking just for about 2 hours. Long story short, don’t drive into Amsterdam. We found that taking the train from the Airport was not only more convenient, but also incredibly cheap. The train departs the airport every 10 minutes or so, so it is really easy to just show up and hop on. The journey between the airport and the city is only 15 minutes.

The next day we ventured to Keukenhof! Now we drove there since we had the rental car, but if you do not have a car, there are buses that leave from the Airport/Train and will take you to Keukenhof. They do charge a fee, but it seems to be the easiest way to get there without a tour.

So there isn’t much to add on the trip to the Keukenhof Gardens. Mainly, you just wander around and take pictures with all the beautiful flowers. I realize that may seem a little boring, but they really are beautiful!

We got lucky as my good friend was also visiting Amsterdam/Keukenhof during the same time we were, and we met up with her and her family while visiting the Gardens.

After we left Keukenhof we decided to drive to Clara Maria, where they make Cheese and Clogs! When you dirve up, it feels like a regular house, so it feels a bit like trespassing, but you’re not! We parked behind the house and walked right in. Somehow we were in a massive group so we just kind of joined their tour. Here they give you a demonstration on how they make clogs and then they take you for a Cheese demonstration. Both are very interesting, and of course you have the opportunity to purchase. We ended up leaving with 3 small wheels of cheese.


The other main attraction we wanted to see while in Amsterdam, the Anne Frank House. We had purchased our tickets in advance, and I HIGHLY recommend you do as well! We went first thing in the morning, which was nice as we were the first tour they allowed in for the day. This made is feel a little less crowded. You can not take photos while in the Anne Frank house, but it was a completely amazing experience. It’s insane to me what happened to her, and the fact that it really wasn’t long ago. They have a nice video at the end and then of course a gift shop as you walk out. Again, please pre purchase your tickets as they do sale our. Since our tour was early we grabbed breakfast and coffee at the little cafe next door after we went to the house, it was delicious.

That about sums up our Amsterdam adventure… I know what you are thinking…”What about the Red Light District?” Well, we strolled through during the daytime, not much was happening as you can imagine. So I’ll have to add that to the list for my next trip, because… “When in Rome” lol. Also, this trip was mainly all about the tulips!

Until next time! <3


Man, I am so sorry. Apparently I am the worst blogger in the history of bloggers. You would think updating everyone on life and Travels would be super easy! But apparently it is not. I can throw out the excuses that I’m busy with work, school etc, but… I won’t. I COULD have made the time, but I did not.

Long story short, I am PLANNING on posting at least once a week. I have a ton of travel posts I need to catch up with! To name a few…

  • Rome
  • Amsterdam
  • Ireland
  • Cornwall, UK
  • Venice
  • Lisbon

I’m finally almost done with school! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! All that stands between me and that $40,000 degree is a Finance class and my Capstone!

Penny is… Penny. She’s well behaved most days and a Brat the others. But we still love her 😉

Anyways, this was just a quick blurb to update everyone! Stay tuned!

<3 <3



I recently went on a Day trip to Brugge from England. It was quite a long day, you leave at literally 1 or 2am. Luckily, I slept the majority of the way… I am really good at sleeping on buses.

Once there we walked into the city center and sort of winged it on what we were going to see in the 9 hours we had in the city.

We of course started out with a waffle, how can you go to Belgium and not get one of these! We had a few spots marked on our map as places to see. Things like the Belfort Tower, the Basilica of the Holy Blood, a Chocolate Museum, etc. As we meandered through the town, we found ourselves in from of one of those Bodies Exhibits. You know the ones that tour around and have actual human figurines that are stripped down to their muscular system, or even to their skeletal system.

We HAD to go! I had been dying to go into one of these for about 4 years but never seemed to find the time when it was near me. Now this many not be the normal tourist thing to do when you travel to Belgium, but it was completely worth it and a good way to waste about 2 hours. It was fascinating, even though I didn’t get to read a lot of the “English” descriptions and found the audio tour a little dry and not much different than the things I had learned in my Anatomy and Physiology courses. The best part was the prenatal room where they literally had all the stages of fetal development. Anyways, long story short, if that sort of thing interests you you should check one out! You don’t have to travel all the way to Belgium to do it, but I won’t judge you if you do. 🙂

After our museum excitement, we ventured to the city center to find the Belfort Tower. The plan was to climb it to the top as that is where you find the best views of the city (so I had read). However once we arrived there, the line was so so long! I am not a fan of waiting in lines. I’m even less of a fan of waiting in line just to climb a gazillion narrow steps to the top of a tower. Lets me honest, I could lose my motivation in that line and then who knows if I’ll make it to the top! We did take pictures of it from the bottom though.


Here is where I would normally gush about the amazing food we ate for lunch. However, our lunch was nothing really special. We did get fries as apparently that is also must when in Belgium. They were good, but not the most amazing thing I have ever put in my mouth. I’m not quite sure what the best thing I have had in my mouth is… but I know it wasn’t these fries.

From there we decided to venture to the Basilica of the Holy Blood. I’m not one to put churches as my MUST sees when traveling, but I found this one to be really fascinating. Let me explain, this church has a vile of Jesus Christ’s blood in it… or so they claim. It’s not just blood in a vial, it is a cloth with the blood on it that is in the vile. Plus, you get to SEE this vial for just a small donation to the church. I think we donated about €4 to see it. It was interesting, an experience for sure, and now I can say I saw it. Plus, the Basilica was so old an beautiful inside!


Afterwards, we did what anyone else in Brugge would do… we found a Chocolate Museum (ChocoStory). This was mainly just a way to kill time as we still had a few hours before we had to be back to the bus to go home. Plus, we got free Chocolate with our admission! Free chocolate is always winning! The museum itself was pretty dry. It had more info than I ever wanted to know about the history of chocolate.

From there we managed to wander in and out of the local shops looking for souvenirs and then grab some dinner before heading back home.

Brugge is such a beautiful town! I’d love to go back to Belgium, but maybe Brussels next time. 🙂

IMG_0716-10 IMG_0754-29 IMG_0744-24

Costa Brava, España

Recently, I went on a “Girls Trip” to Spain. More specifically we went to Santa Susanna in Costa Brava. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, its an hour or so outside Barcelona.

I’ve been to Spain before, but it was only for a short weekend trip to Madrid. So I was really excited to go back for a longer trip, especially for one that involved the beach.

Here I am venturing out into the Ocean… might I add it was not very warm.
Hotel Pool

We stayed at an Apartment on the beach. It was part of the Hotel Thalassa and it was lovely. The apartment itself was nothing special, but you could not beat the location. We spent 2 days soaking up the Sun on the beach, and souvenir shopping.


The Sunrise from the Beach on the last morning

The final day was spent in Barcelona before our evening flight. I wish we would have had more time in Barcelona to truly sightsee, but I guess that just calls for another visit! We did get to do the HOHO Bus. We only made it about half through the Red Line, then decided to take the Metro to the Sagrada Familia.

The buses Audio tour was a bit lacking sadly. I’ve used the buses in so many cities and typically LOVE them! They’re such a great way to see the city and get around. We didn’t see the whole tour though, so who knows, maybe it gets better further in the route.

From there, it was time to head to the airport and wait for our flight.

Sagrada Familia… and ironically, our HOHO Bus

It was the perfect relaxing vacation! Plus we got it pretty affordably through Groupon. Though the Groupon bit was a bit of a hassle in the long run. Long story short, it was beautiful, I had fun, and I’d go back!

Until next time <3


Travel Travel Travel… does it ever stop?

Before I moved to the UK, I had never left the US. That’s not to say I didn’t dream of the day I could go abroad, however, I didn’t see it in my immediate future.

Going to England opened my eyes to a world of places I had never been, and some I had never heard of… and now I must see them all!

Before England, I would set aside my 3 day weekends for hanging out with friends, being lazy, and maybe a trip 3-4 hours down the road. Now I look at what new country I can fly to. What can I see? It helps that travel from here to Europe is much cheaper than it would be traveling from Texas. I’m sure it looks completely expensive and lavish to all my stateside friends, but let me tell you… I am all for a good bargain. Most of these vacations are quite cheap. I find the cheapest flight times I can on Ryan Air or Easy Jet… and I find inexpensive yet nicely located hotels or hostels.

I am constantly planning at least 3 trips in the future.

I spend my free time looking up new places and how much it will cost to get there. It doesn’t help that I have the privilege to do this at work for other people as well.

I can now say I have seen more of the world outside the USA than I have in the USA… and that seems strange. So now I also have a list of places I need to see in the states when we go back.

At this rate, I’ll be a traveling gypsy when I’m old and retired. Do you ever get tired of traveling? Or is it something that once you start you just keep going and going? There will always be something you haven’t seen, or something new to explore.

Speaking of travel… I have some Costa Brava Spain pictures to share in my next post. 🙂

Until next time…


<3 Amanda

The Land of Fire and Ice – Iceland

So this past weekend we had the amazing opportunity to travel to Reykjavik Iceland!

Iceland is one of those destinations I always thought would be really neat to go to, but didn’t think I would actually every get there (at least not any time soon). However, through work I was able to go and take my husband!

Day 1 – We flew in late Thursday night, got checked in to our hotel and stepped out to find late night dinner. We wound up at a Pizzaria near our hotel (I have no clue what it was called sadly) and had amazing food and beer.


Walking home from the Pizzaria we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights! Little did we know our Northern Lights tour would be cancelled for the remainder of our trip due to weather. I’m so glad I was able to capture this picture!


Day 2 – We did a half day City Tour as well as Whale Watching. I’d highly recommend the Whale Watching! So much fun and we saw Minke Whales and Dolphins. We also happened to see some Puffins!! I booked the tour through and found it to be pretty affordable.


Chuck Norris Grill, delicious Lunch option!
Chuck Norris Grill, delicious Lunch option!
Dolphin about to dive under our boat.
Dolphin about to dive under our boat.

Day 3 – We did the Golden Circle tour. We booked this through Reykjavik Excursions. It was from 9am to 5pm, a full day almost, but worth it as you got to see multiple sights! It was rainy while we were there, so we were wet the majority of the trip. However, it was nice to get out of the city and see the more scenic sides of Iceland.

Super fresh Bloody Mary
Super fresh Bloody Mary
At the Geyser
At the Geyser



That night we ventured into the City for some beer and to see the nightlife. We only made it to about midnight until we decided to find some Icelandic HotDogs and call it a night.

Day 4 – Today was all about Relaxing! We went to the Blue Lagoon first thing in the morning. You see the pictures online and think wow these have to be edited or something, that water can not be that blue! Friends, let me tell ya, it is! It looks exactly like all the pictures. I wish we could have spent the whole day there.


After the Blue Lagoon, we napped… seriously, for about 3 hours. I guess we were tired from the relaxing morning in the lagoon.

Day 5 – Our LAST day in Iceland. We opted to spend this day walking the city and looking for souvenirs. We walked and walked, took a few pictures, and walked some more. That evening we jumped on our plane and headed back to the UK.

I LOVED Iceland, in fact I’ve already decided that we WILL be returning eventually! There is so much more to see! Maybe next time we will rent a car and explore that way.

Until next time..

<3 Amanda

Welcome to my Blog… About Me

Welcome! This is the part where I get to talk about myself, and you get to read it.

My name is Amanda in case you haven’t caught on to that yet. Nice to meet you!

I’m a Dog Lover (well all animal lover really), Travel Enthusiast, Wife, Student, Friend, Sister… etc etc. Like many of you, I wear many hats.

Family Road Trip
Family Road Trip

I’m a Texan by birth but I live in the UK currently with my husband and my Chocolate Labrador named Penny. We LOVE to travel, and do so often. We are lucky to live in an area that allows us to travel so much so cheaply!

Me and Penny at Loch Ness
Me and Penny at Loch Ness

Aside from travel, I do the typical day to day things. Such as work, cook, walk Penny, watch Netflix… you know, normal things. I love trying new recipes! Nothing too crazy though as I hate spending hours and hours in the kitchen for only 20 minutes of eating.

No one said you had to like Guiness in Dublin
No one said you had to like Guiness in Dublin

So basically this blog is about me, our travels, my dog, life in general. I hope you enjoy it, and find it somewhat entertaining in the least.


<3 Amanda