Travel Travel Travel… does it ever stop?

Before I moved to the UK, I had never left the US. That’s not to say I didn’t dream of the day I could go abroad, however, I didn’t see it in my immediate future.

Going to England opened my eyes to a world of places I had never been, and some I had never heard of… and now I must see them all!

Before England, I would set aside my 3 day weekends for hanging out with friends, being lazy, and maybe a trip 3-4 hours down the road. Now I look at what new country I can fly to. What can I see? It helps that travel from here to Europe is much cheaper than it would be traveling from Texas. I’m sure it looks completely expensive and lavish to all my stateside friends, but let me tell you… I am all for a good bargain. Most of these vacations are quite cheap. I find the cheapest flight times I can on Ryan Air or Easy Jet… and I find inexpensive yet nicely located hotels or hostels.

I am constantly planning at least 3 trips in the future.

I spend my free time looking up new places and how much it will cost to get there. It doesn’t help that I have the privilege to do this at work for other people as well.

I can now say I have seen more of the world outside the USA than I have in the USA… and that seems strange. So now I also have a list of places I need to see in the states when we go back.

At this rate, I’ll be a traveling gypsy when I’m old and retired. Do you ever get tired of traveling? Or is it something that once you start you just keep going and going? There will always be something you haven’t seen, or something new to explore.

Speaking of travel… I have some Costa Brava Spain pictures to share in my next post. 🙂

Until next time…


<3 Amanda

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