I recently went on a Day trip to Brugge from England. It was quite a long day, you leave at literally 1 or 2am. Luckily, I slept the majority of the way… I am really good at sleeping on buses.

Once there we walked into the city center and sort of winged it on what we were going to see in the 9 hours we had in the city.

We of course started out with a waffle, how can you go to Belgium and not get one of these! We had a few spots marked on our map as places to see. Things like the Belfort Tower, the Basilica of the Holy Blood, a Chocolate Museum, etc. As we meandered through the town, we found ourselves in from of one of those Bodies Exhibits. You know the ones that tour around and have actual human figurines that are stripped down to their muscular system, or even to their skeletal system.

We HAD to go! I had been dying to go into one of these for about 4 years but never seemed to find the time when it was near me. Now this many not be the normal tourist thing to do when you travel to Belgium, but it was completely worth it and a good way to waste about 2 hours. It was fascinating, even though I didn’t get to read a lot of the “English” descriptions and found the audio tour a little dry and not much different than the things I had learned in my Anatomy and Physiology courses. The best part was the prenatal room where they literally had all the stages of fetal development. Anyways, long story short, if that sort of thing interests you you should check one out! You don’t have to travel all the way to Belgium to do it, but I won’t judge you if you do. 🙂

After our museum excitement, we ventured to the city center to find the Belfort Tower. The plan was to climb it to the top as that is where you find the best views of the city (so I had read). However once we arrived there, the line was so so long! I am not a fan of waiting in lines. I’m even less of a fan of waiting in line just to climb a gazillion narrow steps to the top of a tower. Lets me honest, I could lose my motivation in that line and then who knows if I’ll make it to the top! We did take pictures of it from the bottom though.


Here is where I would normally gush about the amazing food we ate for lunch. However, our lunch was nothing really special. We did get fries as apparently that is also must when in Belgium. They were good, but not the most amazing thing I have ever put in my mouth. I’m not quite sure what the best thing I have had in my mouth is… but I know it wasn’t these fries.

From there we decided to venture to the Basilica of the Holy Blood. I’m not one to put churches as my MUST sees when traveling, but I found this one to be really fascinating. Let me explain, this church has a vile of Jesus Christ’s blood in it… or so they claim. It’s not just blood in a vial, it is a cloth with the blood on it that is in the vile. Plus, you get to SEE this vial for just a small donation to the church. I think we donated about €4 to see it. It was interesting, an experience for sure, and now I can say I saw it. Plus, the Basilica was so old an beautiful inside!


Afterwards, we did what anyone else in Brugge would do… we found a Chocolate Museum (ChocoStory). This was mainly just a way to kill time as we still had a few hours before we had to be back to the bus to go home. Plus, we got free Chocolate with our admission! Free chocolate is always winning! The museum itself was pretty dry. It had more info than I ever wanted to know about the history of chocolate.

From there we managed to wander in and out of the local shops looking for souvenirs and then grab some dinner before heading back home.

Brugge is such a beautiful town! I’d love to go back to Belgium, but maybe Brussels next time. 🙂

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