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Spring is here! Has been for a while now, but since we are having more Sunny and Nice days, it really feels like Spring! This time of year is SUPER popular for Amsterdam tourists! Why? Keukenhof! So I felt it only appropriate to post my Amsterdam blog.

Keukenhof is for anyone who loves flowers, specifically Tulips! It is literally rows and rows of Flowers, mostly Tulips but also Orchids etc. The season for these flowers is only April/May time frame, and because of that, Keukenhof Gardens are only open from late March to mid May.

Eli and I went April 2016, it was the very end of April so it was smack in the middle of their season. We flew Ryan Air in to Eindhoven and rented a car for the few days we were there. If I had to do it all over again, I’d prefer to fly into Amsterdam Schiphol, and a car would not have been necessary.

Leaving the airport to head toward Delft, I realized we were going to pass the UNESCO World Heritage Windmills – Kinderdijk (click here for more information on the Windmills). So we stopped along the road so I could snap a few pictures.

Then onward to Delft we went for Lunch and to wander. Delft is best known for its blue and white hand painted pottery (Delftware). We didn’t purchase any while we were there, but I did get a “Delftware” Christmas bobble as my souvenir. The picture below show you what the Delfware looks like. We only spent about an hour or two in Delft before we made our way into Amsterdam.

Delft Pottery in the Keukenhof Gardens

We stayed at a hotel next to the Airport (mainly due to my late booking of our trip), it was surprisingly more convenient than we had thought it would be. The first night, we tried to drive into town to eat dinner, ended up paying a good chunk of change for parking just for about 2 hours. Long story short, don’t drive into Amsterdam. We found that taking the train from the Airport was not only more convenient, but also incredibly cheap. The train departs the airport every 10 minutes or so, so it is really easy to just show up and hop on. The journey between the airport and the city is only 15 minutes.

The next day we ventured to Keukenhof! Now we drove there since we had the rental car, but if you do not have a car, there are buses that leave from the Airport/Train and will take you to Keukenhof. They do charge a fee, but it seems to be the easiest way to get there without a tour.

So there isn’t much to add on the trip to the Keukenhof Gardens. Mainly, you just wander around and take pictures with all the beautiful flowers. I realize that may seem a little boring, but they really are beautiful!

We got lucky as my good friend was also visiting Amsterdam/Keukenhof during the same time we were, and we met up with her and her family while visiting the Gardens.

After we left Keukenhof we decided to drive to Clara Maria, where they make Cheese and Clogs! When you dirve up, it feels like a regular house, so it feels a bit like trespassing, but you’re not! We parked behind the house and walked right in. Somehow we were in a massive group so we just kind of joined their tour. Here they give you a demonstration on how they make clogs and then they take you for a Cheese demonstration. Both are very interesting, and of course you have the opportunity to purchase. We ended up leaving with 3 small wheels of cheese.


The other main attraction we wanted to see while in Amsterdam, the Anne Frank House. We had purchased our tickets in advance, and I HIGHLY recommend you do as well! We went first thing in the morning, which was nice as we were the first tour they allowed in for the day. This made is feel a little less crowded. You can not take photos while in the Anne Frank house, but it was a completely amazing experience. It’s insane to me what happened to her, and the fact that it really wasn’t long ago. They have a nice video at the end and then of course a gift shop as you walk out. Again, please pre purchase your tickets as they do sale our. Since our tour was early we grabbed breakfast and coffee at the little cafe next door after we went to the house, it was delicious.

That about sums up our Amsterdam adventure… I know what you are thinking…”What about the Red Light District?” Well, we strolled through during the daytime, not much was happening as you can imagine. So I’ll have to add that to the list for my next trip, because… “When in Rome” lol. Also, this trip was mainly all about the tulips!

Until next time! <3

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